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Procurement and Installation of Digital PABX Exchange With Ancillary Equipment | BAF Comm Unit


Procurement and Installation of Digital PABX Exchange With Ancillary Equipment | BAF Comm Unit

Bangladesh Air force (BAF) has planned to procure a state of art technology Digital PABX having 50xE1, 16xGSM, 400xCO lines and 5000 subscribers’ line with future expansion capabilities up to 6000 subscribers’ line for installation at BAF Communication Unit, Dhaka.
This Contract agreement is signed on 24 June 2019 for the supply and installation of Digital PABX Exchange with Ancillary equipment and required number of telephone set.


Our solution

Our client wanted to procure a Digital PABX having 50xE1, 16xGSM,400xCO lines and 5000 subscribers’ line.
We always supply reputed brand PABX server. In this project we used NEC brand PABX. Model : SV9500 from japan. We have used E1 card for E1 connection . CO card for analog trunk. We also used GSM gateway for using SIM .
Auto attendent with voice Guidance(IVR) System .
For auto attendent system we have installed a server and TiVA software system TiVA Call Center Solutions is a powerful and advanced computer telephony integrated software solution designed to automate the inbound and outbound calls nan organization. The cost-effective communication tool kit manages the call center peak loads through efficient call handling, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Campaign Management, Voice Recording, Conferencing and much more.
VOIP softphone for communicate with office from anywhere using internet
we have used NEC softphone, Name: ST500 with license. Using this software we can connect my softphone from anywhere using internet.
ST500 is a client app for enabling extension calls on smart devices. By operating on Android-based smart devices, ST500 integrates with a communication server (UNIVERGE SV/SL Series) and is incorporated into an IP telephone system to provide high-quality voice and video calls.
Call Accounting System
We have used TiVA Billing Software with license.


We’ve achieved a major milestone by successfully completing the PABX server project, now live and running smoothly. Our client is delighted with the services provided, underlining our commitment to excellence. We look forward to maintaining this client satisfaction while pursuing new opportunities for innovative solutions.