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Hytera is our high-end top quality brand. We are the prime distributor and solution provider of Hytera Bangladesh

Product Overview

Brand: Hytera
Manufacturer: Hytera
Category: VHF Digital Radio Trunking System
Origin: China
Manufacture: China

DMR – Hytera Products

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5G XSecure Rugged Device PNC560

Handheld | 5G | LTE | GPS

The PNC560 gives you the best of two worlds – a professional PTT radio and a hardened productivity smartphone. It offers you mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE network with super-fast speed and low latency, supporting team communication & collaboration with a simple key press. The PNC560 is an ultra-secure device designed for professionals who need utmost data security protection. It employs a multi-layer security mechanism integrated in both hardware and software design to provide comprehensive & adequate data protection on the device.

Highlights of PNC560
3GPP MCX Services

The PNC560 supports dedicated 3GPP MCX service QCIs and 40ms short MSP for eMBMS service and complies with the latest 3GPP release features by the HyTalk MC platform.

Unbreakable Data Security

PNC560 employs a multi-layer security mechanism integrated in both hardware and software design to provide comprehensive & adequate data protection on the device.

Loud and Clear Audio

The dual-speaker, together with the intelligent power amplifier, enable PNC560 to deliver a loud audio. The AI-based noise cancellation, echo reduction, and wind noise cancellation help to filter the noise and recognize the voice to improve clarity.

6.3-inch FHD+ Full-screen

The PNC560 features a massive 6.3-inch full HD screen with a dewdrop notch. This screen is sunlight readable and works with gloves and wet fingers, ideal for use on construction, manufacturing, and industrial sites.

3 High-resolution Cameras

Triple cameras featuring video stabilization solution, low-light photography, and high dynamic range technology, easy to capture stable videos and sharp pictures on the move, day or night, near or far.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning*

PNC560 can quickly read barcodes or QR codes to obtain the information at the daytime or night time. It greatly helps boost the productivity of warehouse staff, ticket officers, and more.

Open App Ecosystem

With an Android platform, the PNC560 allows you to use third-party applications that help you get your job done efficiently. Open APIs make it possible to develop your own applications for specific purposes.

Unmatched Durability

Rated with IP68, PNC560 is exceptionally resistant to water and dust. Furthermore, the PNC560 stands up to 1.5-meter drop and extreme temperatures from –20°C to +60°C.

PDC680 Dual-mode Rugged Radio

PDC680 Dual-mode Rugged Radio

Handheld | LTE-PMR | GPS
PDC680 dual-mode rugged radio combines a mission-critical DMR radio with an Android-based smartphone in a single device. It harnesses the power of narrowband and broadband technologies to provide mission-critical voice call, photo and video taking, positioning, etc. This innovative radio enables seamless communications between the DMR network and public networks such as 2G, 3G, LTE, and WLAN.

Loud and clear audio

Using the enlarged front chamber technology and professional acoustic design, the PDC680 can output sound up to 128 dB. The PDC680 adopts AI-based noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and wind noise reduction technologies to ensure crystal and clear audio in noisy environments.

Rugged and durable

Rated at IP68 and ESD IEC Level 4, the PDC680 withstands water, dust, and electrostatic discharge. It can also withstand a 1.5-meter drop from all angles. The industrial-grade touchscreen stands up to continuous use in any weather.

All-in-one device

The PDC680 combines a DMR radio and a smartphone into a single device with a highly integrated and modular design. So you do not need to carry two separate handsets for accessing voice, data, video, and more.

Precise Positioning

The PDC680 provides fast and accurate positioning to track people or devices, indoor and outdoor. The GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, BDS, and A-GPS are used for outdoor positioning, while the location-based service (LBS) and WLAN are adopted for indoor positioning.

Automatic Switch

The PDC680 can automatically switch between the DMR network and the LTE network. Registering with both networks using the same ID, the PDC680 can always select the optimal one to deliver smooth and reliable voice communications everywhere, indoors or out.

Live Streaming

Thanks to the dual HD cameras, the PDC680 allows you to capture on-site pictures and videos and then send them to another radio or command center in real-time to improve situational awareness dramatically. The PDC680 also supports the external camera.

Purpose-built App

With the Android system, the PDC680 can support system-level apps developed by Hytera and other third-party apps. This helps you communicate and respond efficiently.

You can remotely manage radios in batches, including upgrade, programming, permission control, key configuration, app management, device health management, and data backup and recovery.

PTC760 Dual-mode Rugged Radio

PTC760 Dual-mode Rugged Radio

Handheld | LTE-PMR | GPS
Combining a mission-critical radio and a smartphone into a single device, the PTC760 is completely TETRA and Android functional for mission-critical communication, photo taking, video and app integrity. It has a large screen and powerful application adaptability. PTC760 not only ensures the reliability of mission-critical voice communication, but also matches the needs on high speed transmission, e.g. video talk, real-time video streaming and other integrated apps, making the very first move from single voice to multimedia services.

Fusion Communication Ready
PTC760 can communicate with narrowband radios over the broadband network for extending communication coverage. The RoIP solution allows PTC760 to automatically select the better network, register with narrowband and broadband networks with the same number.

All-round Security Assurance

Multiple mechanisms are adopted to safeguard mission-critical communications. Signature authentication and preconfigured SEAndroid security strategy for the system security. All static user data is full-disk encrypted, while E2EE and AIE are used to secure data transmission.

Powered by Android

The android powered PTC760 has various custom apps. The standard android API enables diverse adaptability and customization of different industry apps to build up a mobile office automatic platform.

Dual HD Cameras

Both the front and the rear cameras are 13 MP. The entirely new cameras offer high-quality images and support 4K video taking. With a high definition camera, video call is also available in mission critical scenario.

Vehicle Installation

Install the circuit in the vehicle to fix the radio and set up a mobile platform with a suite of accessories.

Smart MDM

Smart MDM can remotely manage PTC760 in batch. It takes 5 minutes to wirelessly program 100 radios, which saves 95% of time compared with wired programming. It provides remote upgrades, multi-command, over-the-air wipe and lock, data backup and recovery.

Some of our DMR Clients
Bangladesh Army (COD)
Bangladesh Police
Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)
Dhaka City Corporation -North
Dhaka City Corporation -South
Fire Services & Civil Defense (FSCD)
Many Government, semi-government, private industries/companies