Rahmat Ullah Rahmat

Rahmat Ullah Rahmat


Educational Qualification:

Masters in Bengali
Govt Bangla College Dhaka.
Passing year – 2000.

Business Experience:

I have extensive experience collaborating with the Army, Bangladesh Air Force (BAF), and Navy on construction projects over several years. My work involves contributing to various construction initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and reliability in supporting the defense forces. Throughout this tenure, I have actively participated in projects that enhance infrastructure and operational capabilities, ensuring the facilities meet the stringent requirements of military standards. Working closely with the Army, BAF, and Navy has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of their unique needs and specifications, enabling me to contribute effectively to the successful completion of construction assignments. This long-term collaboration underscores my dedication to fostering strong partnerships and delivering high-quality results in support of our defense forces.

A proven professional and longstanding track records as a Marketing Director, signifies impressive commitment to fostering robust partnerships. I’m dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. Over the years, my work has also been instrumental in fortifying the infrastructure and operational capacities for the Defense (Army, Air Force and Navy).

At CSL, I’m focused on customer’s necessity, and I work closely with our team to ensure that we deliver required Service/ Product to our customers. I’m excited to be part of such a dynamic and innovative company, and I look forward to helping our customers achieve their goals.